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Abortion Alternatives

Abortion may not be the right choice for you.

When faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy you have two choices, abortion, or not...  If you're experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and not sure what to do, we can help by providing a caring, ear to listen and lovingly  help with your decision that.  Call us now before making a choice that will impact your life forever.  We're waiting to hear from you and willing to listen and offer support and resources.  Contact Us today for a confidential consult.

Post Abortion Syndrome

What is it? is there hope?

Ellen was 17 when she became pregnant.  At her parents urging she had an abortion.  She had been accepted to a top university with a full scholarship and having a baby did not fit into the plan.  Her mother took her to a clinic and the procedure was performed; problem solved.

Shortly after the abortion Ellen and her boyfriend broke up and following the split she began to bounce from one man to the next in a series of one-night stands.  She sought out toxic relationships and began experimenting with drugs.  Five years after the abortion Ellen sought help and support, in a desperate cry for relief from her intense sadness.  Ellen described her feelings as hopeless and suicidal.  She felt that her life ended with the abortion.  Sadly, Ellen's story is being told again and again by women of all ages and social backgrounds.

Some would say that she must have been disturbed before the abortion.  However, for some there is a condition know as Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS).  So what is PAS?  Counselors describe PAS as a type of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  PTSD was first seen in large numbers of Vietnam veterans, but did not manifest itself until a decade after the soldier returned from war.  The same delay has been seen with Post Abortion Syndrome.  A woman's initial response to her abortion may be a feeling of relief, then when symptoms later occur she convinces herself it can't be because of the abortion.  Through repression and denial, she avoids the problem for years.

Symptoms of PAS include: guilt, regret, remorse, grief, lowered self-esteem, inability to forgive oneself, insomnia, dreams/nightmares, flash backs, eating disorders, and anniversary reactions.  There is often hostility and even hatred toward men, and includes sexual dysfunction.  Crying, despair and depression are frequent, and at time result in suicide attempts.  Recourse to alcohol or drugs and sexual promiscuity are also common.  Emotional numbing and coldness can replace maternal warmth and tenderness.

Our mission at LOTV is to provide support to those who have suffered the trauma of abortion.  One way we accomplish this is by providing a support group where sorrow is transformed through a spiritual process using ceremonies, and reflections, and conclude with a memorial for the lost child.  This process yields a fruitful harvest for all who attend, men and women alike.  Participation is strictly confidential and offers a beautiful opportunity to experience love, forgiveness, and healing.


​If you are hurting from an abortion experience, consider contacting LOTV for more information and support..  There is hope  and healing for you.